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Filoxenia - "Room 18" Competition Entry

anastasia verteouri | tesoulin


Entry for the European Design Competition "Room 18"

TEAM: Pinelopi Vassilaki / Anastasia Verteouri

What is the definition of hospitality?

Searching for its source elements, it is a warm "welcome", a glass of water and a place to sleep. It is a unique and ancient gesture.

Our goal is to translate these elements to space and to define a root cell – a container of hospitality.

The bed platform is the core of rest, which works in conjunction with the core of water setting up the basic dipole of the composition. Between the two, the human paths imprint movement into the room.

With materials, transparencies, reflections, air and water flows, we create micro-climates and atmospheres.

The set transforms with the user as a variable and acquires a new temporary intimacy, a shelter until the next journey.


Our project was among the 100 shortlisted.

The Room 18 Pan-European Design Competition has as its subject the designing of the interior of a typical bedroom in a Greek four-star urban hotel of a total area of 18 – 24m2, whose basic characteristics are determined by the specifications of GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organisation). Those taking part are called upon to present ways of creatively re-interpreting and transcending these specifications in a response to the likely wishes and expectations of the contemporary traveler.

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