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summer dualities - sun and moon


For some reason I just stopped taking pictures of sunsets. I think it's because most of the times the colors don't come up right and the sun really dives in fast and I never seem to get the perfect composition and everyone's pictures seem to be the same and.... the feeling isn't the same as the moment witnessing that elusive sunset. And the rest of the times I don't have my camera with me and in general sunsets seem more glorious in detail every time I witness them.

This summer though I gave it a try. I was at a good spot, I was alone so I wouldn't burden someone with my time-consuming habit, I had my gear in the car and the cloudy day had just cleared at the west for the sun to give a special daily appearance. So here you are, two pictures before and just after the sunset. I got some weird looks and some honking from passers-by, but who cares... In case you're wondering about the moon part of the title, check the top left corner of the second picture. Hello moon crescent!