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summer dualities - asleep explorers


It was a hot August morning, and while on the road going home after some errands my eyes where captured by little white dots on a dry field. My first quess was of leftover cotton from the harvest, but it couldn't be. Stopped the car by the side of the road, and upon closer inspection I realized that those dots bleaching the landscape where tiny snails, as far as the eye could see. I thought that I was witnessing a massive snail cemetery (creepy!) but apparently they just fall into some sort of summer hibernation - called aestivation - to make it through the harsh summer conditions. Something I have often wished of during those relentless sweltering days.

So I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of these colonies of little explorers, admiring their perfect helixes of their shells and eavesdropping on their dreams of autumn. And just imagine, moving as slow as those minute mollusks means there's no time to go back.. it's always new land! Although first they must find a way down from where they're now :)