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remember: humble nature


tesoulin photography | remember: humble nature - 1 Most of the time I take pictures for myself or for personal projects that I never complete due to various reasons. I have accumulated a vast library of photos I had great expectations about them.... until I forgot they even existed.  So I decided to dig out some of them and share. And it's a chance for me to remember. This set of pictures I had taken on a dark morning after a rainy night, somewhere around late April. Always loved the way nature comes alive after a spring rain. Spiders, snails and ants roaming the earth. And the snail had glittery antennae! Not so humble eh, fancy snail? Click on the pics to get the full resolution. :)

tesoulin photography | remember: humble nature - 2 tesoulin photography | Remember: humble nature - 3 tesoulin photography | remember: humble nature - 4