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The climb


Tesoulin Photography - The climb - 6 In between bad weather and dentist visits, me and Pinelopi finally went for a walk to take some photos again. One fine Sunday we walked through babies, strollers, dogs and tourists up to Pnyx, near Philopappos Hill in Athens. Bright green nature everywhere, lots of mushrooms due to the heavy rains and lots of cicada skins that Pinelopi gathered, along with empty snail shells. Amidst this sunny scenery, we sprawled our stuff (props, bags, tripods, cameras, lenses.... a paradise) and started taking pictures. Here's the first batch -  absence of color, contrary to my description above, I thought the light and textured looked better in B&W. Kudos to Pinelopi for climbing up all trees effortlessly while posing and dealing with people walking by and staring at us!

Tesoulin Photography - The climbTesoulin Photography - The climb - 2Tesoulin Photography - The climb - 3Tesoulin Photography - The climb - 4Tesoulin Photography - The climb - 5 Tesoulin Photography - The climb - 7