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On waiting and creating


Well..... a little something different this time.

When I started posting on this blog I though it would take a different route than the one it did. It was more like experimenting in how long I can keep a promise to myself, being productive and "adult" enough to create and stop daydreaming. I think most of the times we are being either too harsh criticising other people's work or too bored just sitting back and admiring things that we believe are never possible....

Many times I forced myself to get involved with stuff and to not let them go. The internet is filled to the brim with beautiful and clever and imaginative and genius stuff that I tend to forget most of the time that there are real people behind them. Not almighty magical unicorn beings blessed by their respective gods, but human beings that are sometimes bored, sometimes sleepy, sometimes disappointed.

So I really want to keep myself from believing stuff is impossible to do. The problem is that I don't know what is it that I can make possible. And I need to overcome the trap that "minimal effort-passable results" is ever good enough. There's no good in setting limits from the beginning, and not trying hard enough is as limiting as it is relaxing.

Too much free time this summer, last few weeks ahead left careless and free, I think that I' going to miss that summer a lot in the future. I guess sometimes you just have to wait.

A long exposure it is then. Some of the faintest lights were captured, flickering or not, patiently we waited, for pretty little stars to manifest themselves on our sensor. Port of Corfu at midnight.