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Light escapes

This is the first post of a new series that I hope to carry on through this year. After completing my 365 project I considered to start a new one to keep practicing. So I decided to start a weekly one, in the form of small photostories. This project won't have a specific theme, although I am considering starting a more focused one theme-wise. So here is the first post! My friend Pinelopi told me about this beautiful place near her house, a large open area where wildflowers grow (it sounds so idyllic!) and that we should definitely take some pictures there. And so we did. I used my Helios 44-2 58mm lens on the 500d Canon body and I was surprised by some intense light leaks. With the sun low in the west and all the budding nature around us, including two ladybugs having a sexy-time (he he Borat reference) we captured the light and the love:). I chose to show you the images without any editing, I liked the random effects produced by the light.

You can also see some of the pictures Pinelopi took in her flickr account, along with some of her beautiful drawings!