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Riverland Series

This time I dragged my dear friend Pinelopi to river Nestos. Near the village Toxotes the flow becomes really wide and quite shallow, and the scenery is really beautiful with high rocky steep slopes and lush nature. It's one of the places I love and one I always want to show to everyone that comes to my hometown for a visit. These photographs were taken in August, it was extremely hot and humid, but the river waters were frozen. I mean, FROZEN. So you can imagine this photoshoot was kinda painful.... for both of us! Pinelopi was drenched in freezing water and when she flung that blue fabric around and in the water it hit her and it was cold and I was kneeling in the stream with water up to my waist.... oh the pain that art is hahahaha:P

I used my Canon 500D with my nifty fifty 50mm f/1,8 Canon lens.

Model: Pinelopi from Milk of the Poppy